SalesMail Announces Enhanced Feature Set

The newest update to SalesMail brings users a new level of functionality: two-way engagement! 


The enhanced feature set includes custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, comments, emoji reactions, one-click downloadable contact cards, and more. This new version of the app will help users glean better sales insights, drive cleaner conversions, and build deeper connections with prospects, families, and internal team members.


Coupled with enterprise-grade, real-time, in-app reporting, SalesMail gives users the flexibility and feedback necessary to analyze and refine their outreach strategy on a daily basis. 


New features are available for both the smartphone and desktop apps.

Detailed Functionality Includes:

Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

Link SalesMail recipients to landing pages, forms, surveys, calendars, and more

Contact Card 

Let recipients easily add your contact info to their Contacts app

Comments and Emoji Reactions 

See who’s reacting to your messages and engage in two-way communication with comments from recipients

Camera Flip 

Flip camera direction mid-recording without turning your device

Comment Notifications 

In-app ‘notification pulses’ alert you to new comments


Speech-to-text functionality automatically generates a transcript for every SalesMail